About Molly

Molly was a 23-year-old university student when she was murdered in an horrific attack by her ex-boyfriend. Molly suffered with bulimia for a long period of her adult life. However, Molly showed us as parents and family, and a lot of other people, how she overcame her demons. In Molly’s case she chose exercise and the study of nutrition as a means by which to confront her challenges. There is a link to a selfie video which Molly made as she jogged through the lovely Kent countryside. This video epitomises Molly, as she rose above her demons, demonstrated that anyone can be a winner.


Ultimately, we are not defined by the challenges life throws at us, we are defined by how we face up to them. Molly confronted her demons head on. She tried to understand them and worked on a strategy that finally allowed her to be a winner. Inner strength and self-belief are key to winning battles. You must first believe in yourself, after that, anything is possible.

Molly could not complete her final year at university but we, as parents, collected a Diploma on her behalf at Rochester Cathedral. Her grades were with a distinction and, had she had the chance to finish her degree, in all likelihood, it would have been a first class honours award.

Molly sought to help fellow-sufferers of eating disorders with her blogs and was a champion of positivity and self-belief.

Our mission as a charity is to continue Molly’s work and to help people facing the challenge of an eating disorder. The battle is not forlorn – it can be won. That was Molly’s mantra and it is one we sincerely hope that everyone who has an eating disorder can take on board.

Joanne and Doug McLaren (Molly’s Mother and Father)